Sunday, November 25, 2007

Movies I Used To Watch Repeatedly

I think there are periods in anyone's life where one would love a film so much that he/she would return to it again and again. For instance, in the mid-80s, I adore the film 'Back To The Future' so much that I would watch it constantly. In the early 90's, it was 'New York Stories' (the Martin Scorsese segment), 'After Hours', 'Taxi Driver', 'Blue Velvet' and 'The Godfather' where I finally obtained the video. These are the films that I watched repeatedly in the early 90's. In the mid 90s it was 'Chungking Express', 'Fallen Angels', '2001:Space Odyssey' and in the late 90's, 'The Days of Being Wild'. Is there such a phase in your life and what were the films?

For your info, I have seen Godfather way before that but as a little kid and could not recall much about it. However I do recall watching it with my family at the local cinema, Miramar, and I was simply terrifed of the opening scene as its dark and menacing that I sat it out in the washroom. It was only when the cinema was awash with the bright sunlight of the wedding scene and the loud festive music that I was brave enough to come out and follow my dad back to my seat.

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