Monday, March 24, 2008

Tom's Midnight Garden Revisited

I can't recall the last time I read a fictional book on a Saturday afternoon. Must have been way back when I was still schooling. Well, today this Saturday afternoon about 2.30pm I revisited my old time favorite book, "Tom's Midnight Garden". My 14 month old baby daughter has gone to sleep and with nothing else to do I picked up the book, snuggled up beside my baby and started reading. With the soft pouring rain outside, it was all the more enjoyable reading. At 4pm I started to feel hungry. My wife who has been all this time during my reading brewing some duck soup prepared some for me to eat right away (I could not possibly wait till dinner time). With the pouring rain outside it felt really nice to have some hot soup with duck and rice. I told her so: "With the pouring rain and a hungry stomach, this is really what I felt like eating and I'm happy that I'm having it.". When I was eating I had flashbacks of the Saturday afternoons which I would spent at the Kuching Municipal Library and towards the end of the day how the sight of my father in his light blue Volvo to come to pick me up would be such a welcome sight. After I've finished eating I checked on my baby daughter and she was still sleeping soundly. I continued with my reading. The book was as interesting now as it was to me when I was a boy. I never forgot "Tom's Midnight Garden". Its totally enduring.