Monday, February 28, 2011

How To Cancel Facebook SMS Subscription For CELCOM Users

A few weeks ago I was tricked by Facebook into a SMS subscription. During the login stage, I was led to believe that giving my cellphone number to them would improve the security of my FB account. They however did not make it clear that this would be a SMS Subscription and that the subscription would be auto-renewed at one Ringgit (RM1) every week. Ok, so RM1 seems a small amount but small can add up to a big sum. Besides, I or like anybody else would like to be clearly informed upfront if we were to be charged for something beforehand. But that FB did not do but rather they were pretty sneaky about it.

For a few weeks after that I didn't know how to cancel the damn subscription. Finally I found the answer on someone's Facebook discussions. So here is how to cancel the Facebook SMS Subscription for CELCOM users:

Send to: 32665

Note the text to send need not be uppercase.

After you have the sent the text, you will receive the following reply just as I did:

"RM0 Your Facebook SMS subscription has been dectivated. To subscribe again text F and send 32665. Thank you."

I recalled just feeling so relief when I saw that deactivation message. All in all, never mind the few ringgit I've lost, I'm just quite surprised that Facebook of all people would resort to such cheap tactics to gain some revenue. Shame on them.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Creating Shortcut To Windows Device Manager

I use the Windows XP Device Manager a lot so obviously it's a hassle for me everytime to go through several clicks of the mouse to open it. To make life easier I created a shortcut to the Device Manager on my desktop where I could get to the Device Manager with a single double-click. This is how I created the shortcut to the Device Manager:

1. Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select New > Shortcut
2. In the dialogue box I entered "devmgmt.msc" without the quotes into the field provided and clicked Next
3. I then entered any description, a meaningful one of course like for e.g. Device Manager and clicked Finish.

And that's it. So now everytime I need to access the Device Manager I just double clicked on the shortcut on the desktop and voila there ... the Device Manager box right in front of me.

If you find this tip useful, don't forget to thank me.