Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bought 'The Departed' Dvd

I recently bought the 2 Disc Special Edition Dvd of this year's best picture winner, the Departed (see pic). It costs me RM30 making it the most expensive dvd I've purchased so far this year.
I wish I could say I have seen the whole 2 1/2 hour monster epic, but no. Reason is the dvd hit a serious technical glitch somewhere into the 1 hr 20 min mark. It seems to play fine on the other newer LG model though.

But I have seen enough to say its a gripping movie. It's greatly enhanced by the excellent all round performances. I also noticed Scorcese's trademark camera movement, the swirling camera, here and there. Most notably visible in the briefing sequence.

Be warned beforehand though this film is definitely not to everyone's taste. Why? Well, there's more dialogue than there is action. Unless you don't mind that, you will find yourself regularly skipping chapters while watching it. It is not an action movie, nor is it a blockbuster. Simply put, it is a film. Its strictly for film buffs and fans of Martin Scorsese.
I can't wait to finish the film and give you the final verdict.