Monday, December 28, 2015

Problem Accessing HTTPS Sites with my HTC One M9+ ~ Solved !

One day without warning I found the Chrome browser app on my HTC One M9+ unable to access any HTTPS sites. I kept getting the following message every time I tried accessing HTTPS sites:

"This webpage is not available".

I can access regular HTTP sites without any problem but just the HTTPS sites that I'm having this issue. I can't load banking sites and can't even do Google searches anymore whereas I could still do searches with Bing as Bing does not use HTTPS.

Other apps such as Play Store, Youtube etc. also could not load their content even though I'm connected to the internet. Previously they were all working fine and now its just stuffed.

The Singaporean HTC support personnel contacted me and suggested I tried my SIM card on another smartphone to see if the card is causing the problem. I tried that and found my card seems to work fine on other smartphones, no problems with HTTPS sites there. I could do Google searches and visit banking sites like Maybank2u etc. without any problems.

I then visited two Celcom Bluecube centres about the problem. The first one told me that the problem has something to do with the HTC server and asked me to check with the HTC dealer who sold me the phone. The dealer was no help at all and promised to check with HTC and call me back but never did. The second Bluecube I visited which was at the Spring Shopping Mall told me that some new HTC updates had caused the problem. The personnel there checked my SIM card on her own phone and again it was working fine. I in turn tested her SIM card on my HTC and it was fine too. She suggested I visited the HTC service centre nearby.

Totally puzzled and hopeless I visited the HTC service centre located near the Dyak restaurant and related to the service personnel there about my problem. Instantly, he knew what was causing the probem. He says it was due to my cellphone still using 2G to connect to the internet even though I may have 3G selected. So he proceeded to delete all the 2G access points from my cellphone. Once that was done, lo and behold my phone could access HTTPS sites again, my Play Store will now run once more and I can do Google searches again. I was so relieved, and thanked and complimented the guy for fixing the problem that had lasted for a month. I told him how he was far smarter than the HTC support personnel from Singapore who until now still has no solution to the problem.

Anyone having the same problem as me on your HTC One M9+, let me share with you the steps to fix the problem:

1. Goto Settings > Mobile data > Access point names
2. Delete everything there with the name containing 2G.

That's it and your phone will no longer encounter the problem and your worries and frustrations caused by the problem ... gone.