Saturday, August 30, 2008

Avaxhome Is Back Online !

Looks like AvaxHome is back online. Yes !
I've just checked the site for any new updates on the status of Avaxhome. And there it was, on the page was displayed the link to the new avaxhome:

For my bookmarks created from the previous Avax domains like,,, they are all still usable, thank God. I just need to rename them from say for example, to et voila the link still intact !

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Problem Opening .MSG files with MS Outlook

Recently I had a problem opening .msg files with my MS Outlook. Previously it had worked fine. I just need to double click on a .msg file from within Windows Explorer and it will launch with MS Outlook. Lately, that doesn't seem to work anymore. Nothing happens after I double clicked or even after I tried "Open with" MS Outlook.

A quick research on the problem on the internet revealed that the culprit was Google Desktop. Google Desktop was blocking the opening of the .msg files by MS Outlook. Why would it want to do that for ?!

I also found the solution to resolving the problem and here it is:-
Open MS Outlook.
Go to add-ins: Tools > Options
then Other > Advanced Options, Add-In Manager button and,
if the Google Desktop Add-in is checked, uncheck it.

This solved the problem of not being able to open and view .msg files with MS Outlook !

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ClickBank Accepts Malaysians ! & is Back !

I've just made 2 amazing discoveries today. Other people must have already known about it eons ago (I'm totally out of date) but I only know found out these two things today: ClickBank now accepts Malaysians (I guess this makes the famous Chapter-M book by Gobala Krishnan totally obsolete) and the other is the site is back! I once totally revere this warez forum site and downloaded tons of stuff (mostly ebooks) from it. But it was unfortunately taken down last year. No other forum come close for the huge number of stuff that it had. There were so much stuff in it built up over several years. Well, now I'm really really glad its back. Finally one's come back and not gone down like what has been several cases the last few months.

Monday, August 4, 2008

What Happened To or ?

When it comes to download sites, or is simply the best. It was an excellent source for music (no other sites come close! It was incredible what it had), and also for wallpapers, celebrity photos, ebooks, magazines, softwares and each with preview pictures. Unfortunately, the site has been down for a month now. I first noticed it was down around 10th July 2008. It had on several occasions in the past encountered some server problems (especially over the past year) but it was never ever down this long. Normally the server problem would be resolved in a few days to a week's time and it would be up and running again. Realizing then this not the usual downtime I went in and did some research on the internet yesterday on the status of Avaxsphere and my worst fears were confirmed: the site has been taken down. Sigh. And I had all these thousands of bookmarks of their site and now they are all worthless. According to the sources I found, it seems to keep track of the status of Avaxsphere we need to visit or

Ok, now I just want to reserve this little space here to pay a tribute to Avaxsphere as it was at Avaxsphere (then Avaxhome) that I found a book called "Google Cash" by Chris Carpenter which introduces me to the the world of affiliate marketing and got me the head start I needed to making money online. For this I'm very grateful to Avax. So thank you Avax !