Friday, March 27, 2009

'Sounds Of The Universe' Leaked

Sounds Of The Universe
Depeche Mode's forthcoming new coming album 'Sounds Of The Universe' has been leaked ! Leaked approximately 1 month before the official release on April 21st 2009. I've just found it at Rapidshare:
Currently listening to it while writing this.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Adam Khoo's New Book "Profit From The Panic"

Adam Khoo's Profit From The Panic Book CoverI bought Adam Khoo's "Profit From The Panic" book yesterday from my local Popular bookstore. It was priced at RM49.90. Well, RM50 then. It was the last copy left (yeah, it sold like hotcakes).

I immediately got right down to reading it when I got home. I wasn't all too surprised when I was reading it I realised that a major portion of the content in the book is culled from an earlier book of his called, "The Secrets Of Millionaire Investors". Let's admit, he tends to rehash materials from earlier books. For instance, the first few chapters of "The Secrets Of Millionaire Investors" were totally rehashed from at least 2 chapters in "Secrets Of Self-Made Millionaires". So needless to say, if you already have "The Secrets Of Millionaire Investors" then it may not be worth buying "Profit From The Panic" unless you want to add it to your collection.

And like all Adam Khoo's books before, this one's no different in that it's contents are easy to absorb and are presented in an easy to read manner. That's why I enjoyed his stuff. Some books by other authors I've read that deals with similar subjects tends to waffle and bogs you down but Adam Khoo's books doesn't. His is straight to the point and offers valuable info and teaches practical methods that one can put into practice right away.

In my opinion, 'Profit From The Panic' is excellent and recommended for the novice investor who wants to be taught the right way to stock market investing without getting turned off. For the seasoned investors they would find this book useful as well as it offers a few insightful info that they probably did not know before and perhaps will help them understand why they kept losing money in stock market investing all this while.

Monday, March 2, 2009

More 'Sounds Of The Universe' Tracks Leaked

Two more tracks have been leaked from the upcoming Depeche Mode album, 'Sounds Of The Universe' and they are 'Hole To Feed' and 'Come Back'. 'Hole To Feed' which is a Dave Gahan composition is not a bad electronic number. You can listen to it at YouTube: