Monday, February 23, 2009

Download YouTube Videos

Nowadays you don't need a software installed on your PC or a plug-in for your web browser to download YouTube videos direct to your PC, PSP, Mobile or iPod. That I just know after I was introduced to a web site that can convert YouTube videos into various video formats like .flv, .mpg, .mov etc. for download. It can even convert the videos into audio formats like mp3, mp4, wav etc.

The site I'm referring to is YoutTube Videos

In the field provided at the site, just specify the URL of the YouTube video that you want to download. For example:

After that, select the format you want the video to be converted to. Next step is to click on the 'Convert and Download' button to begin the conversion. When the conversion is completed (usually after 3 seconds), you should see a message that says: 'File Converted Successfully. Please download the file from below'. Click on the 'Download' button to download the converted file.

It's the best find for me this year and the best thing of all, the service is free. There is no charge and registration involved !

Depeche Mode's 'Wrong' Music Video

I've just seen the music video for Depeche Mode's new single, 'Wrong'. And wow, it's quite different from all the videos they have done previously.

This one's very dark and creepy ... and disturbing as well. I wouldn't recommend it for the little kiddies.

You can watch the 'Wrong' music video here:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Depeche Mode Premieres 'Wrong' on Echo Awards Show, Germany

Depeche Mode premiered the first single 'Wrong' off their upcoming album 'Sounds Of the Universe' on Germany's Echo Awards Show last night.

On contrary to reports both before and after the performance of the song, I can confirm this: it wasn't performed live but rather it was lip-synced.

The song itself was kinda repetitive. Melody wise, it's very bluesy. Noticeably there is no chorus for the song. In my personal opinion, I think one would have helped the song a lot perhaps bringing it to a higher level. All in all, I can say it's vintage Depeche Mode because it's all synths and no guitars and of course, Dave Gahan's strong vocals on this one.

You can watch the performance of the song on YouTube:

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Depeche Mode's New Single, "Wrong"

Depeche Mode will be releasing their brand new single 'Wrong' on April 6th 2009. Before that, they will premiere it on the Echo Awards TV show in Germany on February 21st (in 2 days time!). Incredibly unlike the previous 2 albums where the first single or the entire new album is leaked online 1 month prior to the official release, well except for 'Fragile Tension' there have been no leaks this time.

The cover for the single has already appeared on Depeche Mode's MySpace page. A lot of DM fans has bashed it for its uninspiring simple design and call for Anton Corbijn (the designer of the cover) to be replaced.

Depeche Mode single Wrong cover

For me I neither hate it nor love it. Many have likened it to cigarettes in an ashtray. One DM fan has even made a literal interpretation of this on this modified 'Wrong' cover:

Depeche Mode single Wrong cover like cigarettes in ashtray

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just Heard 'Fragile Tension'

I've just heard 'Fragile Tension' on Youtube, one of the new songs from Depeche Mode's forthcoming album "Sounds Of The Universe" (Release date: 21st April 2009). I must say I'm very disappointed with it. I'm surprised as well that they'd release an awful song like that (they have never released an awful song before). It is really horrible. It could easily rank as one of the worst songs in their catalogue. No amount of production could do justice to this song. Not even Alan Wilder could save this song.

Wel,l here's the link to the song on YouTube. You'll be the judge. I'm sure you'll be shaking your head in disbelief.

I've embedded it here as well for easy access:

Fragile Tension - New Depeche Mode song

Depeche Mode is my favorite group and it's gotten me into a really good mood to know that they will have a new album out this year. The album is called "Sounds Of The Universe". One of the new songs from the album is called 'Fragile Tension' and its about 4 mins 8 secs long. I believe a working version of the song has already been leaked into the internet. I myself haven't heard it yet.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My First Clickbank Sale !

My First Clickbank Sale

I hadn't logged in to my Clickbank account for some time now. And what a pleasant surprise I had when I logged in today to discover that I had made my first Clickbank sale about 3 weeks ago (in the week ending 21st January 2009).
I signed up with Clickbank in August 2008 after Clickbank was finally made available to Malaysians (much to the joy of Malaysian Internet Marketers). I admit I was never really active with Clickbank.
Since joining, I only had 3 or 4 campaigns on Clickbank products running and they did not generate any sales. I had much, much better success with other similar Affiliate programs (grossing more than US$2,000 per month). I don't know why. I guess there's way too much competition for the products on Clickbank.
Well, I think after this sale its only natural that I'll tend to be more active and motivated in promoting more Clickbank products in the future.