Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Depeche Mode's New Single, "Wrong"

Depeche Mode will be releasing their brand new single 'Wrong' on April 6th 2009. Before that, they will premiere it on the Echo Awards TV show in Germany on February 21st (in 2 days time!). Incredibly unlike the previous 2 albums where the first single or the entire new album is leaked online 1 month prior to the official release, well except for 'Fragile Tension' there have been no leaks this time.

The cover for the single has already appeared on Depeche Mode's MySpace page. A lot of DM fans has bashed it for its uninspiring simple design and call for Anton Corbijn (the designer of the cover) to be replaced.

Depeche Mode single Wrong cover

For me I neither hate it nor love it. Many have likened it to cigarettes in an ashtray. One DM fan has even made a literal interpretation of this on this modified 'Wrong' cover:

Depeche Mode single Wrong cover like cigarettes in ashtray

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