Friday, January 1, 2010

Can't See Adwords Ads In Firefox ... Solved

I recently noticed that my Firefox stopped displaying any Google Adwords ads in the Google search engine results pages or in any other pages actually. I started to think back to what I have just recently changed to my pc or Firefox that might have caused the problem. I hit a blank. Then I searched online for an answer to this problem.

I promptly found the answer within 2 minutes. I credited this page for the solution to the Adwords ads not showing in Firefox problem.

AdBlock Plus add-on
The Google Adwords ads not showing was due to the AdBlock Plus add-on which I installed recently. It was blocking the Adwords ads. According to the solution on that page, I'd need to find in the upper right corner of my Firefox browser a red stop sign with the initials ABP and then to click on the down arrow right beside the stop sign. After that to click on "Disable on" which I followed. I refreshed the Google search results page next and there they are finally, the Google Adwords ads.

Nokia 5800 Beeping During Calls ... Solved

Recently my Nokia 5800 emits a series of very loud beeps when I was talking on the phone. A quick check on the internet for answers to this problem revealed that the profile setting in my phone, more specifically the Warning tones, need to be changed.

Nokia 5800 Beeping During Calls - Turn Warning Tones OffSo on my phone, I went to Settings > Personal > Profiles > General > Personalise. Then I set the Warning tones from 'On' to 'Off'.

I made a call after that to my family just to test and sure enough the loud beeps have gone.

Problem solved. Boy, was I relieved. Thought it might have been some bigger problem like some Nokia 5800 bugs that I heard so much about and which may be more troublesome to fix.