Friday, October 31, 2008

America Votes 2008

Earlier this year, I mentioned to my dad, who follows the US presidential race closely, that the US will have its first black president. He shook his head saying that could never happened. I asked why and he replied, for the same reason that Malaysia will never have a Chinese as a Prime Minister. But I could see that their culture there is totally different from ours which will make it very possible. Over here, there is always natural segregation. For example if we look at popular culture in this country, when is there ever a time in this country that a Chinese come close to being the top local movie star, singer, etc. Never, right ? So its different. That's just a simple example.

Obama currently looks home and dry. The first black US President, who would have thought possible in the 60's and earlier. Well it is not too far fetched. If history has taught us anything, it is that anything is possible...under the right circumstances when everything seemingly fall into place for it to happen. A mad man (Hitler) could rise to power and become the undisputed leader of his country, an unfancied team (Greece) could beat the odds and become champions (Euro 2004) etc. All this happened given the right circumstances.