Saturday, September 6, 2008

Watched 'The Dark Knight'

I've watched the Dark Knight ! I couldn't wait for the proper official Dvd release. I just couldn't wait that long to find out what I'm missing out on. I didn't catch it when it was shown in the local cinemas, it just came and went very quickly ! I had to settle watching it on my 32" LCD then.

Heath Ledger turned in a riveting performance as the Joker. The most memorable scenes for me involving him are the "Why so serious" scene which I find both sad and terrifying at the same time, and the blowing up of Gotham hospital which harks back to the old days of film making when they used to take full advantage of the wide screen. I do however have to admit that after 2 hours into the movie I began to feel the movie was getting a bit draggy for me and I started to care less & less about the proceedings and the fate of the main characters. The movie is well made no doubt about that. Its not some pop corn movie but one serious movie, Oscar style. Its 3 out 5 for me.

2 months ago I saw a press photo of the 3 leads at a press conference for the movie in Tokyo. I couldn't help but noticed how they looked more like some dot com company CEOs than movie stars. Probably because they were dressed very casually, I guess.