Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ClickBank Accepts Malaysians ! & ProjectW.org is Back !

I've just made 2 amazing discoveries today. Other people must have already known about it eons ago (I'm totally out of date) but I only know found out these two things today: ClickBank now accepts Malaysians (I guess this makes the famous Chapter-M book by Gobala Krishnan totally obsolete) and the other is the projectW.org site is back! I once totally revere this warez forum site and downloaded tons of stuff (mostly ebooks) from it. But it was unfortunately taken down last year. No other forum come close for the huge number of stuff that it had. There were so much stuff in it built up over several years. Well, now I'm really really glad its back. Finally one's come back and not gone down like what has been several cases the last few months.

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