Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Problem Opening .MSG files with MS Outlook

Recently I had a problem opening .msg files with my MS Outlook. Previously it had worked fine. I just need to double click on a .msg file from within Windows Explorer and it will launch with MS Outlook. Lately, that doesn't seem to work anymore. Nothing happens after I double clicked or even after I tried "Open with" MS Outlook.

A quick research on the problem on the internet revealed that the culprit was Google Desktop. Google Desktop was blocking the opening of the .msg files by MS Outlook. Why would it want to do that for ?!

I also found the solution to resolving the problem and here it is:-
Open MS Outlook.
Go to add-ins: Tools > Options
then Other > Advanced Options, Add-In Manager button and,
if the Google Desktop Add-in is checked, uncheck it.

This solved the problem of not being able to open and view .msg files with MS Outlook !

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