Thursday, May 8, 2008

Parking at Spring

At the tHe Spring shopping mall, I just realised they now have a parking toll system installed. And its all fully automated. No parking attendants sitting in their claustrophobic booth to collect money from you. No.
When you drive in, you first obtain a ticket similar to the one depicted below:

Now that's pretty standard procedure at all car parks, right?
Now when it comes to paying, that's when things start to get different. Instead of paying at the parking exit you now have to pay before you get into your car ! You have to make sure that you settle the payment before you drive your car to the exit. This is important and should be heeded if you don't want to get stuck at the exit with dozens of cars angrily honing at you. Good for me my family informed me beforehand otherwise I would have got myself into a rather embarrassing situation.

This is how the machine looks like. Pretty ugly and cold looking, isn't it?
The payment procedure is a breeze. Just stick in your card to reveal how much you owe in parking fees. Then just pay the amount by sliding in your ringgit note(s).
Parking wasn't really that expensive. I was there for about 2 hours and I only paid RM 2. In the current economic climate, it could have been worse. And anyways the toilet facilities are still free, so there.

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