Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What Happened To Vanillashare.com ?

I wondered what happened to Vanillashare.com. Tried to access the site this morning but was re-directed to a wallpaper site called cwalls.com (Classic Wallpapers by cwalls.com). I guess it must have been finally closed down by the authorities. Shame as it was really the best forum for money making on the internet. The Money Making section for the forum was one of the best for its kind. It was very informative with daily updates and loads of good stuff to download. I do hope the owners bring it back either in its original form or in some other. I missed the forum very much. Sad to see it go :(


Anonymous said...

vanillashare was the best ... :(

Anonymous said...

it def. was the best...its a sad time now that its gone :( ill pay the owners to bring it back!

Anonymous said...

i was a member there with username makemeinsecure , it was a verygood forum . anyother such forum ?