Friday, May 8, 2009

"Together again" ... after 11 long years

I believe I bumped into Suziesenorita today at Ta Kiong Supermarket at the Spring shopping mall today. Suziesenorita was the girl that many years ago I had tried hard to win her heart but ultimately failed. I wasn't really 100% sure it was her at first as it has been a long time since I last saw her (11 years to be exact) and also because she looked slightly different. Her hairstyle has changed, her face is thinner and she looked ...well, older. She was wearing the dark blue KPA (Kuching Port Authority) coat that she wore so that more or less confirmed it was her. It was a Friday and she must have taken advantage of the extended lunch time on Fridays to shop for some candies at Ta Kiong. I recalled when I went out with her she likes to shop for candies at supermarkets we visited.

Well, we came face to face about 8 feet apart. My 8 month old baby William was with me. When I saw her face I didn't recognize her at once. It was only like a second or two later that realization dawned upon me that it was my beloved Suzie. I don't know why but perhaps by instinct or out of total surprise I quickly turned around. I was not sure how to react. Then a wide smile broke over my face. Did she recognized me I thought? When I turned around, she had already gone back to searching for her candies. For the next few minutes I spied on her from a distance.


phoenix az insurance said...

Why didn't you say something? Eleven years is a long time. People can change.

Alex F. said...

I did not say anything as I was just too surprised. I'm not a spontan person. Do you know her?